The Grimaldi Group extends its services to Mexico

grimaldi ship

The Grimaldi Group announces an important enhancement of its overseas maritime services: a new direct service to Mexico, dedicated to the transport of cars, rolling freight and project cargo has been recently launched.
The link is an upgrade of a regular service between the Mediterranean and North America, already performed by the Group with great success since 2015. The new extended service connects the Italian ports of Civitavecchia and Savona and the Turkish port of Gemlik with the North American ports of Halifax (Canada), New York, Baltimore, Jacksonville and Houston, as well as Veracruz in Mexico. The service has a weekly frequency for destinations in North America and a fortnight frequency for Mexico.
The service performed by the Grimaldi Group is the first direct and regular link between the Mediterranean and North America for rolling freight. Thanks to the deployment of ro/romultipurpose vessels with a loading capacity of 3,000 linear meters of rolling freight and 3,000 cars, the regular service ensures a transit time of only 12 days between Italy and North America and 20 days for Mexico.
"Mexico is a market which reveals a significant potential and has attracted important foreign investments in various sectors," said Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director of the Grimaldi Group. "The inclusion of a regular call in the port of Veracruz, one of the major of the country, is an absolute innovation in which we have chosen to invest to support import/export trades with Italy and the rest of Europe thanks to our wide network of services."
With this investment, the Naples-based Group consolidates its worldwide leadership in short and deep sea maritime connections, part of an advanced logistics supply chain that provides door-to door services. In addition to direct calls, Mexico is also linked, through transhipment, to over 130 ports in the Mediterranean, North Europe, South America and West Africa served by the Group.


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