HIMT: New agreement with the Greek Section of SNAME

mantzafos korakakis

A new partnership between the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology and the Greek Section of the Society of Marine Technology and Marine Engineers set up to strengthen cooperation between the two organizations on their work on promoting advances in marine technology, was today signed by Mr. Michael Matzafos HIMT Chairman and Mr. John Kokkarakis, Chairman of SNAME Greek Section.

The Cooperation agreement reaffirms the partnership between the two societies to support each other's activities through sharing information, expertise, and common use of resources to develop joint actions and activities.
Crucially, the partnership will see the two organizations coming together to take action on promoting the concept of creating a Federation of marine societies in order to provide significant influence in the area of international maritime safety, environment and ship operation.

In the photo from left to right: Mr Michael Mantzafos – H.I.M.T. Chairman, Mr John Kokarakis – Sname Greek Section.

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