Revisiting port performance measurement

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The development of a new port performance measurement model by taking the perspectives from different port stakeholders is the theme of the new portstudy of PortEconomics members Theo Notteboom and Adolf Ng, along with Min-Ho Ha (Liverpool John Moores University), Zaili Yang (Liverpool John Moores University, Dalian Maritime University, University of Manitoba) and Man-Wook Heo (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea).

The novelty lies in the modelling of interdependencies among port performance measures, and the combination of weights of interdependent measures with both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the measures from multiple stakeholders for quantitative port performance measurement. It represents an effective performance measurement tool and offers a diagnostic instrument for performance evaluation and/or monitoring of ports and terminals so as to satisfy different requirements of various port stakeholders in a flexible manner.

The paper entitled “Revisiting port performance measurement: A hybrid multi-stakeholder framework for the modelling of port performance indicators” has recently been published in the academic journal Transportation Research part E: Logistics and Transportation Review.

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