50th MedCruise General Assembly celebrated in Gibraltar meets with success


MedCruise celebrated its 50th General Assembly in Gibraltar, a destination offering premier cruise opportunities, as well as one of the founder member ports of the Association.

This major cruise event offered to MedCruise delegates a unique opportunity to meet with more than 110 cruise industry professionals including cruise line executives and journalists from all over the world, port executives, travel agents and other stakeholders, while at the same time enjoying an indelible travel experience in beautiful Gibraltar.

In plenary sessions, MedCruise members along with esteemed cruise line guests had the chance to discuss how to “Sustain Cruise Growth in the Med”, by “Improving Cruise Port Operations” and updating services and infrastructures required.

During an open discussion between cruise ports and cruise line executives on the need to measure -and also make known- the “Impact of Cruise Activities”, CLIA Europe Chairman Mr. Kerry Anastassiadis explained within a keynote speech why cruise forms a major contributor to the local economies and what is the role of the port in supporting this positive cruise impact. On behalf of MedCruise, Airam Diaz Pastor, Ports of Tenerife presented port perspectives and existing best practices on measuring the impact of cruising in ports and destinations.

MedCruise delegates discussed also during specialised interactive sessions, the “Recent Changes of cruise port governance structures in the Med” as well as the role of “Thematic/regional port networks” in revealing the special features of the Mediterranean gems.

In line with the MedCruise tradition, all port and associate members had a first class opportunity to enjoy in total three sessions of B2B meetings with cruise line executives and international press representatives.

MedCruise continues to expand as the 50th MedCruise General Assembly confirmed the admission of two new members, Ashdod Port and DP World Limassol.

The excellent organisation and the unique hospitality of Gibraltar Tourist Board and Port of Gibraltar added to the satisfaction of MedCruise members, who returned home looking forward to attending the forthcoming 51st MedCruise General Assembly to be held in Toulon, France, 11-14 October 2017.

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