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Samos Steamship Co. with vast experience in the shipping industry, chooses SetelHellas SeeMBox-V(c) Open Digital Platform bringing them to the forefront of the digital era and continues its strategic commitment to promote environmentally responsible shipping, safety and efficiency through management excellence and continuous improvement.

Samos Steamship Co. Case Study

Business challenge

Samos Steamship Co. continues its strategic commitment to promote environmentally responsible shipping, safety and efficiency through management excellence and continuous improvement. Over the next period and through SetelHellas maritime solutions and technology leadership, Samos Steamship Co. adopts a sustainable business environment to minimize environmental footprint and maximize fleet-wise efficiency using superior tools and processes.
Through the leading edge SeeMBox-V© Remote Performance Monitoring Technology, Samos Steamship Co. expects to effectively improve its vessels Energy Efficiency Operating Index, while at the same time will be able to constantly monitor and fine-tune its systems and find new areas of optimization and efficiency improvement.

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Scope of work

SeeMBox-V© was chosen due to its proven ability to seamlessly capture, monitor, record and transmit transparently and unattended, any mission critical information from each vessel. Readings such as the fuel consumption and navigation data, the Alarm Monitoring System as well as data from Main Engine PMI, Torque Meter, C-Oil consumption, Cargo Control Consoles and more, are acquired and transmitted. A critical factor was, SeeMBox-V© ability to integrate with any of the existing equipment onboard, independently of Manufacturers and Vendors, providing the required flexibility to a fleet wise scale.
Most significantly, the SeeMBox-V© Open Digital Platform enables the requirement for information exchange and delivery of seamlessly acquired data from the vessel, to a 3rd party software database for further analysis in existing processes and tools.

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An on-board technical survey verified the scope feasibility and the Project Team delivered the physical installation details and drawings. At the same time the preparation of the SeeMBox-V© synchronisation and database system was carried out at the Head Office in order to allow for seamless data exchange with the vessel, as well a the platforms. The SeeMBox-V© deployment was implemented by one skilled engineer during a 4 day attendance. Following the installation, a thorough verification of the acquired signals took place ensuring proper operation. The careful planning and preparation resulted to a timely and efficient delivery.

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Thanks to IoT and Smart Innovative Technologies as SeeMBox-V©, Samos Steamship Co., enters the age of the Fourth Industrial revolution, the Digital Transformation which shapes the future of key sectors creating new business models and opportunities.
With vessel data available real-time and easy to understand, optimal routing according to weather information, ship type and size, active speed and optimization of consumption as well as condition based maintenance choices, Samos Steamship Co. shapes the future of performance optimization.
Real time Data acquired directly from the vessel are used for further analysis, to assist the technical management identify specific actions that can improve the vessel’s operation, allowing informed and calculated decisions to manage effectively its assets and create a winning edge for their business.

main engine operation

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