North Korean 'ghost ship' washes ashore in Japan with eight decomposed bodies on board

japan ghost ship

Badge bearing portraits of authoritarian state's leaders found alongside corpses

Eight decomposing bodies have been recovered from what is believed to be a North Korean "ghost ship" which washed ashore in central Japan.

The eight males were found with a badge bearing the portraits of Kim il-Sung, the founder of the authoritarian state, and Kim Jong-il, its deceased leader, Kyodo News reported.

Wearing the badges is mandatory for North Koreans and they form a key part of the regime's cult of personality.

A cigarette box with Korean characters was also found.

Police and the Japan Coast Guard discovered the wreckage of the 16-metre-long ship in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture last week.

They found a body around 15 metres from where the boat had washed up and an autopsy showed he was between 30 and 50 and had died around last September.

The other seven bodies were found inside small rooms inside the wreckage.


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