SetelHellas and BCA: Τhe world’s first MSc in Shipping via e-learning platform on board

e learning on board

SetelHellas and the Business College of Athens (BCA) are very proud to introduce the world’s first MSc in Shipping designed specifically for seafarers and maritime executives and offered via e-learning platform on board the vessels.

The program will be launched next week during the Posidonia 2018.

The online Master’s degree will be available exclusively via the innovative SmartBox-V™ Open IoT platform and allows seafarers to study and complete a full Masters degree accredited by the University of Plymouth, wherever their vessel takes them.

The MSc in Maritime is designed to be flexible and adaptable in the choice of option subjects, and as it is offered on a distance e-learning pattern of attendance, making it ideal for those who spend lengthy periods at sea. The maritime courses are specially designed for any seafarer seeking an in-depth advance education in the maritime sector, but who cannot attend regular taught classes on-shore.

The programme of study combines a thorough understanding of the theoretical concepts of maritime in particular, the-future-of-higher-ed-and-its-impact-on-elearningalong with case studies and practical subjects. The modules offered cover the entire range of the main maritime business areas and functions, including modules on Maritime Economics, Chartering, Shipping Law, Shipping Finance, Shipping Operations, Cargo Handling and On-board Maritime ICT training among others, with a particular focus on insightful decision making for sustainable business development.

All course materials will be embedded within SmartBox-V™ MarApps Store- a digital distribution platform, developed, operated and maintained by SetelHellas. These will include 15 hours of video material per module, e-books, webinars and research materials. Students on-board will also enjoy web conferencing and continuous teacher support online, all available over their own personal devices. They will be able to complete the modules at their own pace, as their own time allows, making it a very flexible way of earning their MSc and perfectly suited for those who work on-board vessels. Furthermore, the courses are accessible to the seafarer whether he or she is at sea or on-shore, allowing them to study both on a vessel or back on land at any given time.

For seafarers looking to enhance their existing educations, e-learning courses is by far the most efficient choice.’ said SetelHellas CEO Mr. George Marinakis.

“SetelHellas in collaboration with the BCA college brings the amphitheatre on-board the vessel to create a generation of highly skilled seafarers, enabling them to meet the industry’s current and future demanding requirements and contribute further to the level of the maritime safety, productivity and business sustainability.” he said.

‘Mr Daskalakis, founder of the BCA, added ‘We are very excited to offer our MSc in Shipping to seafarers in such an innovative manner. Thanks to SmartBox-V™ technology, this kind of education is now available even to those who traditionally have been unable to effectively participate in e-learning programs, and we are delighted that we now have the possibility to reach anyone wanting to further their education, even if they are in the middle of the ocean.’


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