Executive Workshop on Cruise Development for Destinations

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Mr.Ioannis Bras (CEO, Five Senses Consulting & Development) and Ms.Shannon McKee (President, Access Cruise, Inc) will present this 1/2-day concentrated course on Monday, 8th of April, which is aimed to provide a deep understanding of the subject matter of Cruise Development.

The course will help participants to master the full dimension of Cruise development. In particular the course will enable participants to fully understand the cruise business from a port/destination perspective and prepare them with all necessary tools in order to be to meet with the cruise executives and increase traffic for their port and destination.

Key learning outcomes

Route planning for the cruise ships and the ways to understand opportunities.
Have an understanding on how itinerary planning and excursions can affect the decision for port calls.
Learn how to better prepare your port presentation and what the characteristics cruise executives are looking for.
Understand how the Port, the City and all other Authorities must work together in order to promote cruise for the destination.
Why it is important to use local myths and stories to brand your destination
Cruise exhibitions and ways to benefit from a possible participation.
Understand how important it is to work for the enhancement of visitors experience in relation to the grading of the port/destination.
Learn how to design an appropriate questionnaire and how to use its results on improving the performance of a port.


Operation of a cruise ship
Overview the different cruise companies
Itinerary trends
Understanding the itinerary opportunities


Preparing a three-year cruise strategy
Creation of a cruise marketing plan
Preparing a port presentation
Excursion planning for the cruise lines and the development of a Destination Excursion Book
Working together with the Port, City and Cruise Lines
Relations with the cruise media and magazines
The key elements a good port brochure should have
The importance of a port web site and social media
Smart Signs and Mobile apps.
Overview of worldwide cruise exhibitions and which is the best for you
Effective exhibition booth


How to prepare a SWOT analysis for the Port/Destination
Business model for cruise development
Create your story and create your local Myth
Visitor experience enhancement projects Involving the local community
Port/destination performance evaluation questionnaires, how to design, administer, interpret results and set KPI’s
Port Nautical Evaluation Report
Preparing for a Cruise inspection
Port improvement projects and the visibility of the process

Date: Monday, April 8

Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Sector: Ports & Destinations

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