Neptune Lines chooses SetelHellas to deploy on its fleet

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Neptune Lines – a leading finished vehicle logistics provider chooses SetelHellas to deploy on its fleet and Greek offices cutting edge technological solutions

Neptune Lines - Case Study February 2020

Business challenge
Neptune Lines company being committed to its mission to deliver, flexible and tailor-made solutions to its clientspartners, utilizes the benefits of the latest available technology and promotes efficiency, productivity and undisputable value to the maritime ecosystem. This digital transformation will lead Neptune Lines to significant operational and administrative improvements creating a solid base, able to accommodate current and future requirements.

Scope of work
SetelHellas suite was chosen due to its proven record to accommodate the special and demanding requirements that are sought from onboard crew as well as personnel ashore. In that framework, Neptune Lines fleet has been equipped with the state-of-the-art Intelligent Vessel™ solution that guarantees a secure, reliable and highperformance compute and storage infrastructure ensuring zero downtime due to its robust and faulttolerant architecture based on a Cisco server cluster array.
In addition, Neptune Lines, aiming to increase productivity and retain a uniform working environment, deployed Cisco IP telephony on its premises allowing, beyond the obvious benefits that such a high-end solution offers, to streamline communications and stay always in touch with the onboard crew making the vessels another branch of the office.

Recording and Analyzing Neptune Lines requirements was the first step towards a successful deployment onboard and on premises. This process involved collaboration between SetelHellas and Neptune Lines representatives so as to determine the optimal objectives of such an implementation.
By following a series of steps, the most appropriate Bill of Materials (BoM) was prepared meeting holistically Neptune Lines needs. The procurement of equipment was initiated and the onboard installation along with the related training took place by two engineers within 1.5 days for each vessel. At the same time, the on-premises installation was conducted in parallel by two Cisco certified engineers within five (5) days ensuring the smooth transition from the old traditional PBX to the new Cisco Business Collaboration Solution.

Undoubtedly the digital transformation is a mandatory ingredient not only for improving but also for accelerating the business growth. Neptune Lines company, a leader in short sea transportations of all types of vehicles, utilizes the best available technology to provide sustainable, flexible and highquality services to its clients and partners. The IoT era is a fact, and the advantages of its capitalization can only lead to performance excellence.
Communication, Automation, Information flow, Availability, Reliability are only some links of the chain that contribute to the smooth operation of a more than demanding industry such as the maritime, where the advanced and innovative SetelHellas Suite can definitely be in alignment with.

neptune vessels

Resources Employed / vessel
❑ 3 x Cisco Servers [cluster array]
❑ 6 x Thin Clients with SetelHellas firmware
❑ 2 x Managed Switches
❑ 1 x External NAS
❑ 1 x Maritime UPS
Installation Completion
❑ 1.5 days
❑ 2 x Engineers

Resources Employed / Greek Office
❑ 2 x Business Edition 6000
❑ 2 x Integrated Service Routers
❑ 116 x IP Phones
❑ 25 x Webex Teams
Installation Completion
❑ 5 days
❑ 2 x Engineers

“After thorough evaluation of the available solutions in the market, we decided the IT Infrastructure project for our fleet and the VoIP communication systems of our HQ to be awarded to SetelHellas.
SetelHellas deep technical knowledge of the industry as well as their flexibility justified our choice, allowing us to develop even more our business productivity.
The last few years Neptune Lines is transforming the way it is doing business taking full advantage of the technology, pushing the envelope on all fields on the ICT for HQ and vessels. So, innovative and experienced partnerships like SetelHellas was the right tool to meet our goals.“
Christos Kapodistrias – IT Manager


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