Posidonia Web Forums Week: “It’s Time To Talk”

posidonia its time to talk

21-30 October 2020

Posidonia has partnered with leading international maritime media and policy organisations to produce a series of webinars in an initiative designed to provide a platform for the maritime community to debate the crucial issues and the many challenges it is currently facing.

Sponsored by S&P Global Platts, the web forums week will be held between 21-30 October under the banner “It’s time to talk” and it stemmed out of the global shipping community’s need to fill a gap created by the cancelation of this year’s Posidonia Exhibition.

And as the pandemic’s impact on the global economy is deepening, “It’s Time To Talk” will provide maritime decision-makers with a timely and thought-provoking platform to pause, ponder and probe the outlook of the shipping industry, which is responsible for the carriage of
around 90% of world trade.

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